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The Berry Corp. ($BRY)

The Berry Corp. ($BRY) is a hated stock trading in one of the most hated markets in all of oil and gas - however, we believe BRY presents...

OLIN Corp. ($OLN) - Short Idea

The Olin Corp. ($OLN) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of chemical products and ammunition. Olin has 3 operating segments: Chlor...

DMC Global Inc ($BOOM)

DMC Global Inc is an industrial services firm which trades at a 6.8x EBITDA, a 6.8x FCF, and operates 3 manufacturing businesses:...

Search of Value  (.com) is an exclusive online investment club where top investors share their best ideas. Quite frankly, traditional Wall Street   research is usually unreliable due to investment banking relationships, the lack of coverage on smaller capitalization securities, and the avoidance of companies undergoing drastic restructuring or other monumental changes. 

However, our forum aims to provide extensive coverage on stocks that are not often looked at due to analysts' traditional avoidance of such   opportunities which have the potential to be extremely lucrative. In addition, we restrict access to posters, allowing for a higher quality of coverage.                    ​


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